Trash Talk

  • "I'm calling you ABRAHAM LINCOLON, because you ARE HISTORY!"
  • "You so CHICKEN, you're BATTER DIPPED!"
  • "You better STUDY - I'm takin' you to CLASS TODAY!"
  • "Today's Episode is brought to you by the letters C, Y, and A!"
  • "Of all the things You've lost, you miss your mind the most..."
  • "I call you the Titanic 'cause you goin' DOWN!"
  • "I had to quit school 'cause they got recess - AND I DON'T PLAY!"
  • "'You like school on Thanksgiving day... NO CLASS"
  • "Your game is so small you can hang glide on a Dorido ©!"
  • "Yo' feet so big you got to wear license plates on the back of your shoes!"
  • "How many times do I have to flush before you go away?"
  • "You so stupid you took the Pepsi © Challenge and chose Jif ©!!!"
  • "I'm gonna' call you seven days ' cause your game is WEAK!"

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