(JUST A NOTE: No, I didn't start the list... But we definitely added to it...)

(...thought I'd update this for 2010)

(NEW!) You have ever had to hang up on your friends because you were "Up against a Break".

(NEW!) The words "NexGen Support" scare you.

(NEW!) You were ever paid in CD's and T-Shirts.

(NEW!) You have ever had a staff meeting to discuss having staff meetings.

(NEW!) You know the difference between a cart and an 8-track...

(NEW!) You are having a staff meeting to discuss where to have the next staff meeting...

(NEW!) You have to explain to your friends why "voice tracking" means you are "not really there"...

(NEW!) the words "budget", "merger", and "live assist" scare the crap out of you...

(NEW!) Even the slightest hint of a hurricane means people you don't even know will start calling you...

You can name at least three of The Weather Channels' on-air personalities. (I can do that!)

80% of your wardrobe has a station logo on it.

You haven't bought Q-tips in over 3 years. (anybody still use those in production?)

You still refer to CD's as "records".....

You look at your paycheck and say,"That's it!

A day off is considered and extra hour and a half of sleep

The only interaction between you and someone else at dinner time is, "Thank you, please pull to the second window!"

You call a weekend off a "VACATION".

You can smoke a cigarette in three minutes or less.

You answer your home phone with the station call letters.

A salesperson has ever taken credit for your paycheck.

You know what a "bullet" is.

You've ever sliced your finger with a razor blade, and cleanedout the cut with Isopropyl Alcohol and an extra long cotton swab (only applies to those of us who remember reels and carts)...

You measure your amount of production in "shitloads"

You can post the down the a full blown "number2" and be back in 2:40 for the segue.

Dinner?...let's see what the receptionist has left in the fridge.

You have ever dreamt of a record running out and not being ableto find the control room door. (i know i'm not the only one who's had this dream! -Marc)

You've ever muttered the words, "Yea, I'll try to get that onfor ya!"

You have more stereo and computer equipment than everyone else you know combined.

People who ride in your car exclaim, "How in the hell do you listento the radio that loud!'

You consider wearing a shirt you have to iron, "dressing up".

When listening to music at your home, you only listen to the first 30 seconds of the song, then you switch to something else.

Going to a club and not getting paid seems like a useless waist of time.

Everyone you know calls you to play they're wedding or birthdayparty.

People you don't even know start calling you when a good band is coming to town.

Cheerleading coaches call you wondering how to get that "specialmix'" of the Jock Jam that they heard on the radio.

You turn the radio up excitedly at the sound of "dead-air" on the competitor's station. (I love that one! -Marc)

You have at least three un-opened CD's, two T-shirts, 22 stickers,and 5 cups in your car.

You have about 500 un-labeled cassettes, (air-checks) in a cardboardbox in your closet.

Cueing, segueing, walking on, loose, back-timing, raise, lower, EAS, and dumb-ass program director are everyday parts of your vocabulary.

You have at least 19 pictures of you with famous people that you haven't seen since.

You know the names and artist to every song your boyfriend or girlfriend can think of.

You know the words to every song they can think of.

You know the re-mixes to every song they can think of.

You've slept quite comfortably on the promotions director's easy chair.

You were a half hour late for an appearance and blamed it on the directions you got from the sales person.

You've had 5, #8 caller's in a row.

Your favorite past-time is conferencing three un-knowing listener's on the same line.

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